Rapid Rail Height Safety
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Leaders in industrial Height Safety Systems

Our height safety systems and roof safety systems are precisely designed for safe working at heights and in hazardous environments – whatever the task

Rapid Rail has applied years of ‘hands-on’ experience and combined it with feedback from clients to design and produce industrial horizontal lifelines and roof safety systems that are internationally acclaimed. Our Height Safety Systems, lifeline systems and specialist heavy duty horizontal lifelines, are not just retailed as products but are authentic recommendations. All our safety line systems and horizontal lifelines are tried and tested by our own engineers for working at heights in safety critical and hazardous environments. They are approved as a result of our personal experience.

Over the last 20 years of on-site involvement in working at heights, we have developed the best height safety solutions available for performance, flexibility and application. All our Height Safety Systems are compliant with the latest national and international safety standards. Our lifeline systems and roof safety systems are also designed to work simply, quickly and easily.

Our products are designed for protecting life and we take this responsibility very seriously to ensure safety.

We supply Height Safety Systems to a wide range of industry sectors such as aluminium, smelting and processing, paper manufacturing, nuclear power, cement manufacturing, construction, commercial property, crane manufacturers, steel manufacturing / processing, ports, power.

Rapid Rail would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss your height safety requirements personally.